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Dr. Wanyoung Kim is a skilled UX/UI and web designer, editor, researcher, web developer, and translator based in the United States and United Kingdom. She combines her knowledge and training of psychology, philosophy, psychoanalysis, and technology as an interdisciplinary scholar, researcher, and lecturer. As a computer programmer, she is versed in a variety of programming frameworks and languages for Web 2 such as ReactJS, VueJS, Angular, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Typescript, SQL, PHP, Wordpress, NodeJS, ExpressJS, and MongoDB, in addition to Solidity for Blockchain and Web 3 Development and smart contracts. As a product designer, she is an expert at using design software such as Figma, Sketch, Axure, Zeplin, UXPin, and the Adobe Creative Suite. She is a certified translator of Spanish, French, German, and Korean, and an experienced academic copy editor who has worked with numerous publications. She has authored two books so far and is publishing a third. Wanyoung's forthcoming book translation with St. Mary's University Press in London is St John of the Cross and the Problem of Mystical Experience by French scholar Jean Baruzi.
Wanyoung was educated in the United States, Switzerland, and Denmark. Her alma maters include Purdue University, The New School for Social Research, The European Graduate School, Nucamp Coding Boot Camp, and Shecodes. She has been a researcher at the Global Center for Advanced Studies and the New Centre for Research and Practice. She holds a PhD and MA in Philosophy, and is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology. She is the Website Manager for the European Journal of Psychoanalysis and guest lecturer in the Theology and Communications departments at St Mary's University Twickenham. She runs an editing and academic consulting business, KM Professional Services, with her husband, Dr. Mark G. Murphy.