Talks Given

(1). April 2023, "Psyche" Podcast Ep. 97 with Quique Autrey, LPC: "The Importance of Empathy
(2). August 2022, “We Must Be Willing to Go to the End” Symposium“ -- With Mark Murphy: "Anti-Antigone: From a Politics of Desire to a Politics of Love–Rethinking the Politics of the One-All-Alone"
(3). June 2021, Episode on DontheDeveloper's podcast: SheCodes Review
(4). July 2020, Philosophy of Art and Science podcast with Henok Elias: Interview with Dr. Wanyoung Kim
(5). March 2020, Podcast episode of OtherLife series with Justin Murphy, Alex Lee Moyer, and Barrett Avner: "Midnight before Moldbug"
(6). December 2018, The European Graduate School, New York, New York: “Cosmophenomenology: The Alterity and Harmony of Consciousnessas as Dark Energy in the Universe”
(7). March 2017, The New Centre for Research and Practice, Grand Rapids, Michigan: “Transgendered Bodies And Justice” in “The Future is Unmanned: Technologies for Corrupt Feminisms”
(8). September 2016, Friedrich Nietzsche Gesellschaft/Society's 27th Annual Conference in Naumburg (Saale eV), Germany: “On Northeastern Hermit Kingdoms: Reinvigorating Dionysos- Apollo”
(9). August 2016, The European Graduate School, Saas-Fee, Switzerland: “Benjamin’s Divine Violence and Mythico-Legal Violence” in Frantz Fanon “On the Question of Violence”
(10). June 2016, The New Centre for Research and Practice, Grand Rapids, Michigan: “On the Castration Complex in Xenofeminist Accelerationism”
(11). December 2015, New School University, New York City: ”Affect and the Collective: Dialectics and Music [On Abstract vs Concrete Utopia in Walter Benjamin and Ernst Bloch]” in Benjamin and Bloch Seminar
(12). November 2013, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana: ”One-Dimensional Society and Its Overcoming through Imagination” on Marcuse’s One-Dimensional Man” in Dan W. Smith's Philosophy of Technology Seminar